Storage System Monitoring and Maintainance


Great Lakes SAN continuously monitors our fleet to make sure each vessel is performing exceptionally. Additionally, Great Lakes SAN uses "Monitoring Sonar" to proactively detect "pre failure" conditions and takes precautionary actions to address failures before they occur. Any time a failure condition is detected by our software, our engineers are immediately and automatically notified. Once the failure condition has been verified, auxiliary repair agents are quickly deployed to address the issue, saving you any headache!

Just like a weather report before sailing, Great Lakes SAN shares our monitoring status and reports with our clients so everyone knows the status of their service. We email "Weather Reports" to each of our customers on a weekly basis so both Great Lakes SAN and our clients know the current conditions of their server. The report contains important information regarding usage, capacity, throughput, backups, disaster recovery, local internet conditions, and useful tips.