Data Redundancy

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Great Lakes SAN takes pride in providing incredibly stable servers with built-in redundancies, eliminating any worries about data loss our customers may have.  We utilize a multitude of technologies which triple write, check, and consistently verify data, and maintain the highest data integrity standards by implementing dual parity and 256 bit checksums for all data stored on any GLS system.  Our SANs are also self healing and can detect any localized data storage issue, thus greatly reducing the need of a visit by one of our technicians.

We understand that not everything can be redundant which is why our data replicator is in constant communication with our deployed SANs. If Great Lakes SAN notices a server has gone down for a period of time we will contact our customer to let them know about the situation. In the unlikely event that the system fails, Great Lakes SAN will make it a priority to install a new system. To keep everyone productive while repairs are in progress, Great Lakes SAN offers cloud failure services, allowing the last snapshot recorded by our replicator to act as a temporary SAN until the on-site SAN has been repaired.